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I got introduced to BOW EVER DOWN when they posted on the Sounds & Shadows Facebook group – it was an announcement about their album “Let It Burn“. I was intrigued by the mix of sounds, guitars, old drum computer sounds, fresh and old school synthesizer sounds and of course the voice of Kimberley. A voice, I should tell, that is able to tell a story – which for me is essential if you make music with lyrics: being able to tell a story sucks me right in… So, naturally, I couldn’t resist asking them for this project! Below is a talk about the project, and their unique take, their version of our original song “Sunbird”.

> Listen to the “Rediscovered: 20th Anniversary” cover version of PSY’AVIAH vs. BOW EVER DOWN:

> Listen & or watch the music video of the original version with Oliviya Nicole on vocals:

The band (Kimberley Kommeier and John Ruszin III) got me intrigued by tracks like “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me“, “Bury My Body” and title track “Lost In The Woods” (from their album Lost In The Woods). I don’t know what genre, and for me that’s always a good sign. I would say a synthpop style that incorporates both catchy vibes but has some excellent dirty synths or drums spicing it up. And through it all the voice of Kimberley telling a story, making the lyrics come alive, drawing you in. The song “Let It Burn” perhaps showcasing all of this the best of all, the verses vs the chorus really stood out to me in sound design and drum programming. Sounding impressively catchy all; yet complex enough for your ears, so they have some electronic candy and some aggressiveness contrasts…

“Why ‘Sunbird’ – a very recent single of ours and one that’s also on this new album of ours. So it does not have a real legacy, so again, why did you pick it? And were there any other options on the table you were thinking about?”
Kimberley: It was primarily the lyrics – they spoke to me, and I can only do what I feel. As I said in the video above, “this song kicked me straight into the heart“!

“What did you think of the project’s aim, to let bands be themselves instead of yet another remix?”
Kimberley: I’m not a musician, so it was something very new to me. Usually I do only vocal collaborations – never remixes or any other kind of involvement, as I’m only a singer. But this was something different, as it got my whole project involved. It was something Bow Ever Down could do as a band, and I loved that we were able to be ourselves and put our spin on it.
Yves (Psy’Aviah): I noticed that, the transformation from the original sweet & soft trip hop got replaced by an electro punk / rock vibe, which I was really impressed by. I really loved the drum programming, the guitars and so on as well as your vocals that really make “Bow Ever Down” attractive as a band to me. So when I first heard it, I was like, yup, this worked – it is a “Bow Ever Down” song, it has the sound and all the quirks I love about you all as a band.

Kimberley of Bow Ever Down

“So how did the process go?”
Kimberley: For my vocals, I only ever do anything as it comes out, I don’t give it much thought. I am always just genuinely being me. The music is all John though, I just sang on the instrumental he created based on the original.

“How different is this from say a typical Bow Ever Down song, and would it fit the repertoire?”
Kimberley: As I said above, I could retain the sound of the band, get the band involved. But I don’t think it would ever be a Bow Ever Down thing – but that’s what made it such a great adventure!

The original version of “Sunbird”.

“What can we expect from Bow Ever Down in the future, is there more coming?”
Kimberley: The plan is always to keep making music!
Yves (Psy’Aviah): That’s what I like to hear, looking forward what you & John will come up with as well as your other collaborations!

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