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November 25, 2012


Introspection ~ Extrospection


  1. 1. SOS Overdose
  2. 2. Procedure To Mistrust
  3. 3. On My Own
  4. 4. Deep Dark Desire (feat. Kari Berg)
  5. 5. Virtual Gods
  6. 6. Ok
  7. 7. Nouveau Quiche (feat. MC Dééjoohcéé & Thomas C Beerten)
  8. 8. The Worst In Me
  9. 9. Timor
  10. 10. Human Garbage
  11. 11. Song Of Independence
  12. 12. My List
  13. 13. Wired Life
  14. 14. Home (feat. Lis van den Akker)


This album digs deeper than ever before. Moody piano based songs like “Ok” beautifully merge with upbeat electro-techno moments (“Human Garbage”, “SOS Overdose” or yet the virulent “Virtual Gods”) and other more electric electro pop tunes. An uplifting musical trip where genres are subordinate to the emotions and messages the songs carry. This time PSY’AVIAH joined hands with the beautiful Swedish artist and model Kari Berg (ex-ASHBURY HEIGHTS) who delivers dark melodic vocals for the track “Deep Dark Desire”. “Home” is coloured by the vocals of the talented MISERY singer Lis van den Akker. Last but not least, the third collaboration is with MC Dééjoohcéé and Thomas C Beerten, energetic beats and flowing rhymes on the electro rap “Nouveau Quiche”.

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