SevenSorrowsSevenStars_800x800Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars

“Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” is a real contender for album of the year. Yves’ synthwork and production is stellar, and the album flows very well through its peaks and valleys. With such an array of talented vocalists and great writing, there is never a dull moment.
~ CHAIN D.L.K. Magazine, 5/5 stars, March 20th 2016,

This seventh album is perhaps the most complete and sonically stunning album in the Psy’Aviah back catalogue to date. Once again Schelpe has pushed the boundaries of electronic music and continued to explore and experiment with different approaches and it has once again paid off for him. Simply, this album shows why Psy’Aviah is one of the stand-out names on the Alfa Matrix roster.
~ Intravenous Magazine, April 4th 2016,

8/10, labeled as GREAT release. With the amount of talent on Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars, there is bound to be something that you will enjoy. If not, then you might just have a serious lack of taste. Go buy it!
~ Brutal Resonance Magazine, April 18th 2016,

The combination of different styles of music ranging from ‪#‎electropop‬ to ‪triphop‬ to ‪industrial‬ and EBM‬ to ‪‎ambient‬, it makes you want continuously listen and enjoy it to the depths of your heart and soul. Each of them gives us goose bumps, and others give us a frog in the throat or moves us, makes us want to dance. In short, Psy’Aviah manages to bring together all aspects of electronic music in a very broad framework, into a magical whole.
~ Snoozecontrol Magazine, April 14th 2016, (ENGLISH), or original in dutch: