Psy’Aviah Live Show

Psy'Aviah: Yves & Marieke Live September 2016

Psy’Aviah introduces their newest album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars”.

They create a unique experience for you by drawing you to their world of dreams and wonderful melodies. An eclectic mix of SynthPop, TripHop en ElectroPop is skilfully merged as one, and takes you on an unforgettable journey throughout “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars”.

The new Live band brings new life into a project that has been performing since 2003.
This fresh breeze which passes through the music also entices the eyes.

Psy’Aviah can withstand every stage and entertain every audience! The soulful voice of Marieke Lightband (winner of the “Best Live Act” and “Best Singer Songwriter” Award of Exposure Music Awards belgium and Nominated for BEst International Artists at Exposure Music Awards UK) together with the grunging guitar from Ben Van de Cruys, changes the course for Psy’Aviah forward.  This novelty is part of the foundation of the philosophy to continually reinvent its own sound.

Please book us well in advance at for any live booking requests so we can plan and discuss things correctly on both parts.

Played live before at:
Ancienne Belgique, Vk Concerts, Trix, Mano Mundo, Vlaamse Opera, Arenberg Schouwburg, Nijdrop, Recyclart, KultuurKaffee, National Gallery London, CC Luchtbal, CC Merksem, FNAC

– “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” is a real contender for album of the year. Yves’ synthwork and production is stellar, and the album flows very well through its peaks and valleys. With such an array of talented vocalists and great writing, there is never a dull moment.
~ CHAIN D.L.K. Magazine,
This seventh album is perhaps the most complete and sonically stunning album in the Psy’Aviah back catalogue to date. Once again Schelpe has pushed the boundaries of electronic music and continued to explore and experiment with different approaches and it has once again paid off for him. Simply, this album shows why Psy’Aviah is one of the stand-out names on the Alfa Matrix roster. 
Intravenous Magazine,
– More review on

Video Footage

Words (triphop blend)

Paused (triphop / synthpop blend)

Not What I Expected (electroclash / electrorock blend)

Alcubierre Drive (triphop / synthpop blend)

Face To Face (synthpop blend)

Our Common End (triphop / synthpop blend)

Clocks (COLDPLAY cover) synthpop

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