DEAL: Get 25% off on bandcamp now using the code PSYAVIAH25 on checkout of “Lightflare“! Lightflare by PSY’AVIAH “This album is my testament to hope!”, says Yves Schelpe (aka PSY’AVIAH). “It’s a journey from utter despair towards joy and happiness. With “Lightflare”, I leave behind those bitter moments in life, the album is a beacon, […]

Chasing The Speed Of Light

Chasing The Speed Of Light EP by PSY'AVIAH While PSY’AVIAH surprised many with a certain focus on male-vocal songs on their last “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” album, they today decided to again put the album’s female special guest singers back in the spotlight on this new “Chasing The Speed Of Light” EP release… With Kyoko […]

Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars

Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars (Bonus Tracks Version) by PSY'AVIAH When titling his new album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars”, multi-talented Belgian artist Yves Schelpe cast some kind of magic on PSY’AVIAH’s impressive music repertoire, opening a new mysterious gate full of wonder and euphoria… On this (magic number!) 7th full length release, PSY’AVIAH creates some distance […]

Never Look Back / Words

Never Look Back / Words EP by PSY'AVIAH With “Never Look Back”, the genius Belgian electro artist Yves Schelpe will surely surprise everyone by revealing the first song from his forthcoming new PSY’AVIAH album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars”. More eclectic than ever, PSY’AVIAH decided to put his hidden trip-hop side under the spotlight, featuring the […]

The Xenogamous Endeavour

The Xenogamous Endeavour (Bonus Tracks Version) by PSY'AVIAH With “The Xenogamous Endeavour”, Antwerp based artist Yves Schelpe decided to make a return to the core of his PSY’AVIAH project, employing total artistic freedom and studio experimentation, writing all the songs on piano first and then only later transposing them into PSY’AVIAH’s characteristic electronic world before […]

Our Common Future ft. Kyoko Baertsoen

Our Common Future EP by PSY'AVIAH feat. Kyoko Baertsoen What better way to start a new year with a great collaboration between Belgian electronic band Psy’Aviah and famous vocalist Kyoko Baertsoen (LUNASCAPE, HOOVERPHONIC). “Our Common Future”, a song and also a video clip with a universal message, caring for our Earth and equally important, caring […]