“Lost At Sea”, the opening song of “Lightflare“, a mix between synthpop and triphop with emotional sweeping synths and vocals. Watch Mari Kattman and Yves Schelpe talk about the song in the video segment on dissecting “Lost At Sea ft. Mari Kattman”, and read more about it the blogpost below!

Dissecting the song is a series where we dive deeper into how we went about making the track. From lyrics to choosing the sounds, from mixing and mastering to recording vocals and making a music video for the track. Questions, comments or something you’ve always wanted to know? Feel free to ask or contact us!

In essence the song is about feeling lost in this world, about all the options there are/might be (scrap what fits) and being overwhelmed or blinded by it. At that point you send a signal for help, as the lyrics also mention “I send out a lightflare”, “I send out a cry of emotion”. The sound of the song itself for me started with a dragging bass line and cold melancholic chords on top of it all – vital in the piece was that the verses and chorus had a big contrast, so that Mari Kattman’s vocals really pop out emotionally. So each verse carefully builds up tension and release is given in the chorus when the song bursts open.

Balance & choosing the right sounds

The intro has a certain mix of a bell-like sound created in Massive. It’s there to mimic a harbour-kind-of-feeling. Yet the sound slowly progresses towards the main chord progression. This makes for an ambient like intro where the bass, pads and soundscapes are based on the notes E & A, and are fairly static. When moving into the verses the the melodic elements start to come in by altering the chord progression, using more and more of the chords that form the chords of the chorus.

I need a cry of emotion

When I recorded my first demo vocals, I knew I had to find a voice with enough power for the chorus, but also one that could handle and convey the emotion when going powerful. As I worked with Mari Kattman before I knew she would be the perfect fit, as she can deliver her subtle elements in her performance – so that the whole recording becomes a story. Listen to what Mari had to say about it herself at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_NMFZZ9a-A.


Like a ship lost at sea, an endless ocean surrounds my body. In a world of choice with its chaotic noise. Will I sink or reach the harbour? Will it be the right one for me? In a world of choice with its chaotic voice.

I am lost at sea. I send out a light flare.
I am lost at sea. I send out a cry of emotion.

A floating vessel lost sea. Waves crashing absorbing into me. In this world in motion, I need an omen. A sea in motion with waves ever growing. Crash the rocks or reach the harbour. Will it be the right one for me? In a world of choice with its chaotic noise

Music Video


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