Open-Minded Electronic Music With Heart & Soul


Antwerp based band Psy’Aviah brings open-minded electronic music with energy and soul. Their sound is best described as “eclectric” as they fuse several genres and into their own musical world.

The band was initially founded in 2003 by producer and composer Yves Schelpe, later joined by vocalist Emélie Nicolaï and guitarists Kristof De Clerck (2007-2011) and Ben Van de Cruys (2011-…). From 2013 on the project moves away from a tradition line-up, and Yves focuses back on inviting guest vocalists and musicians into their music.

2017 saw a new album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” and a brand new live line-up that started perform again Fall/Winter 2016 with legendary Ben van de Cruys on guitars, songwriter & producer Yves Schelpe on keys and the famous Marieke Lightband who will certainly have a big impact on you.

Creative Experimentation

Experimentation is one of the main philosophies of Psy’Aviah. This is portrayed by both incorporating different genres into their own sound and by the different collaborations they have done over the years: from poetry with Suzi Q. Smith and Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242), to EBM power-pop with Jennifer Parkin (Ayria), trip-hop & lush warm vocals by Kyoko Baertsoen (ex-Hooveprhonic & Lunasxcape), covered by Chaos all Stars ft. Mona Roukachi, and even to Enya-esque reminders with Kristell Lowagie. Due to this varied pallet in both music and lyrics, the band fits well on different stages: from main-stream pop, rock and electronic festivals, as well as more gothic, EBM and experimental oriented shows.

Track Record

Formed in 2003, but mainly focusing on experimenting and playing live shows, the band really took form in 2007 when they released their first album “Creationism”. Shortly after that release Psy’Aviah was signed to “Alfa Matrix” records and with them they released the albums “Entertainment Industries” (2008), “Eclectric” / “Eclectricism (2CD Limited Edition)” (2010), “Into The Game DJEP” featuring Ayria (2011), “Introspection ~ Extrospection” / “Restrospection” (2CD Limited Edition)” (2011), “Contraspection” (Digital Only Release) (2011) and “OK / Virtual Gods DJEP” (2012) with remixes by Jan Vervloet, M.I.K.E., Radical G, NUDE, and more…

Renewing their contract in 2012 the band worked on releasing the concept (mini)-album “Future Past” (2013) and a single/remix EP “Our Common Future ft. Kyoko Baertsoen” (2014) to mark the new “Era” of Psy’Aviah: collaborating once again with a lot of new artists to bring variety in the vocal palette. At the moment Psy’Aviah is working on a new full length album called "Lightflare" to be released in 2018!

Psy'Aviah Live

Our live show is an evening filled with the typical Psy'Aviah infusion of synth pop, trip hop and electro rock. With live members Marieke Lightband on vocals (Nominated for Best International Artist at Exposure Music Awards UK): she sings from the heart with her soulful voice that will send shivers down your spine - good ones. Marieke makes the unique sound Psy'Aviah more striking and intimate. Ben Van de Cruys on guitar adds an extra layer of bittersweet melody and grunge to where the songs need it, they suck you in along with Marieke in the world of Psy'Aviah. And of course Yves Schelpe (founder and producer) behind the keys and effects.

Marieke Lightband


Yves Schelpe

Songwritig, Production, Synths

Ben Van de Cruys