Dissecting the song is a series where we dive deeper into how we went about making the track. From lyrics to choosing the sounds, from mixing and mastering to recording vocals and making a music video for the track. Questions or comments? Feel free to ask or contact us!

We need your help, your questions & things you were always wondering… We’re going to start our “strip-the-track” or “track-dissection” again soon. And we’d like to have your questions for the featured vocalists, for the mixing & mastering engineer and possible for Psy’Aviah/Yves Schelpe as well ;-)? So, whatever you ever wanted to know – send your questions to either info@psyaviah.com, or via the form below below. Ranging from the specific intimate details of the taste of the pizza we ate before recording, or just the general process of working together via the internet, or the #MusicNerdQuestions of what type of mic do you use, #vstsettings and more – to why and how I ended up working with any of the talented vocalists! Remember The most original questions are eligible to receive a gift, we’ll contact you for your address for either a Psy’Aviah Ligthflare Mug or a very special edition of the album!

Can’t remember what songs are on the new album Lightflare? Take a look below under the submission form! We’ll be taking questions until the end of the year, 31st of december!

Collaborations with Marieke Lightband (of KOALA and Psy’Aviah Live Band singer), Kyoko Baertsoen (KYOKO, Hooverphonic, etc..), Mari Kattman, Michael Evans (of MiXE1), Fallon Nieves, David Chamberlin (of Entrzelle), Addie Nicole (of Halocene), KONER, Phoebe Stone and Lofthill. Remixes by SD-KRTR, rool, Assemblage 23, Chaos All Stars, People Theatre, Alter Future, Isserly, Cyborgdrive, Jean-Marc Lederman and 4 exclusive meditative / contemplative tracks inspired upon both triphop/ambient and more ethereal Indian and Yoga sounds.

Where can I get the music, please?

Starting from now you can opt to pre-order the digital edition via our bandcamp page, or get the physical edition via alfa matrix store – and the specially crafted 2cd carton box limited edtion via alfa matrix store. By february 9th 2018 you’ll find the release in your digital/physical mailbox, and then you’ll also be able to get it on all digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, etc..) as well as on other major physical outlets!

– Physical Edition via Alfa Matrix: http://alfa-matrix-store.com/psyaviah-lightflare-CD
– Physcial 2CD Limited Edition Carton Box via Alfa Matrix: http://alfa-matrix-store.com/psyaviah-lightflare-2CD
– Digital Edition via Bandcamphttps://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/lightflare-bonus-tracks-version
– On all major digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, etc..) and physical outlets starting from february 9th 2018!

“Lightflare” Interactive Album trailer


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