#PowerOfTheInternet – When Art meets Science & Science meets Art

A story about the power of the internet by example of writer’s block

The beginning…

About two years ago I wrote a song, for my triphop / synthpop project PSY’AVIAH, called “Alcubierre Drive” featuring the vocals of Kyoko Baertsoen. Just before I wrote that song I was faced with “writer’s block” – but thanks to a movie called Interstellar I got inspired to write a whole album, titled “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars”, and it all started with the song “Alcubierre Drive“… A song named after and inspired by the theory of professor Miguel Alcubierre, who has a theorethical method for travelling faster than the speed of light.


Some internet power kicked in…

A year went by and in 2016 the album got released. Later that year we made a music video for the song, released a single version / radio edit for podcasts and radio stations, performed live with the track, and got covered/remixed by KONER (project of former Atlantis 6 members Peter Bellaert and Els Morterlmans) as well with the same song: https://www.facebook.com/konerzone/?fref=ts… The track sure did well and we were happy! And the internet, well, the internet had helped us reach a lot of people, the internet made me post a music video, the internet made it so other people made adaptations of our song… Awesome!


And even more power of the internet!

March 2017, a notification popped up of someone leaving a comment on the Alcubierre Drive music video stating that he’s a friend of Miguel Alcubierre, and that he’ll share the song to him… I was stunned, as the song was already partly behind me, as I’m writing a new album. But the internet never stops surprising, through the internet things live on forever.. And so it happened that we eventually reached out to prof Alcubierre via twitter, he listened, and liked the song.

I could’ve never imagined this would happend. The man that was partially responsible for giving me back my “musical mojo”, releasing me from “writer’s block” seemed so distant and unreachable two years ago, but now two worlds crossed paths #ScienceMeetsArt and #ArtMeetsScience.

Thank you

So, once again, thank you dear Internet – as I don’t think this could’ve happened so easily for mere mortals as me before you existed – you may have negative press, you may have people abusing you, but dear internet, you also connect people in ways that I today still can’t imagine being done before you existed!


If you have the time, do watch the lecture of prof Miguel Alcubierre on this “Warp Drive” theory. It’s fun, well explained with a historical background, and very well explained so we (mere mortals not having studied science) can understand! The video/lecture is below: