Intravenous Mag calls “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” a complete and sonically stunning album


Intravenous Magazine ‪reviewed‬ our upcoming album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars”!

Their conclusion was ‪#heartwarming‬ to read after putting a lot of heart & soul into this album:

This seventh album is perhaps the most complete and sonically stunning album in the Psy’Aviah back catalogue to date. Once again Schelpe has pushed the boundaries of electronic music and continued to explore and experiment with different approaches and it has once again paid off for him. Simply, this album shows why Psy’Aviah is one of the stand-out names on the Alfa Matrix roster.

Thanks a lot for this very nice review, I’m blushing ^^. Read the full ‪#‎review‬ here: [ ]

Shout outs to KONER,@Alex Dalliance, Liquid Divine, Cutoff:Sky and Girlflesh as they’ve been noticed by the reviewer for having delivered stellar remixes. Also mentioned are the crisp sound, for which I again thank Mitia Wexler of (mixing) and Geert de Wilde of IC 434 (mastering).

If you haven’t ordered yet either wait until April 15th to order via online CD shops, Fnac,, Spotify, iTunes etc.. – or pre-order them via these links:
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