“Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” got *****s from CHAIN DLK Magazine!

PSYAVIAHThe first ‪#‎review‬ of our new album is in, by ‎notorious‬ / ‪infamous‬ Chain D.L.K. Magazine! Yiha, we got 5*stars.. Read all about it here: [ http://www.chaindlk.com/reviews/?id=9120 ]

Here’s a quote I really enjoyed reading: ”

‘Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars’ is a real contender for album of the year. Yves’ synthwork and production is stellar, and the album flows very well through its peaks and valleys. With such an array of talented vocalists and great writing, there is never a dull moment.

” ~ Thx a LOT Steve Mecca & Chain DLK for the review!

If you haven’t ordered yet either wait until April 15th to order via online CD shops, Fnac, bol.com, Spotify, iTunes etc.. – or pre-order them via these links:
> Download via Bandcamp: http://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/seven-sorrows-seven-stars-bonus-tracks-version
> CD: http://alfa-matrix-store.com/psyaviah-seven-sorrows-seven-stars-CD
> 2CD (With Bonus Remixes): http://alfa-matrix-store.com/psyaviah-seven-sorrows-seven-stars-2CD