Presenting the new album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” for Pre-Order

SevenSorrowsSevenStars_800x800 April 15th will open the gates for a new world “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars”. This seventh album called for a new approach, thematically drawing inspiration from the 2014 movie “Interstellar”, life and musically opening a gate of wonder and euphoria with a unique blend of triphop, electroclash, eurodance, synthpop and eurodance while staying true to PSY’AVIAH’s deeply emotional core in both sound and lyrics.

Pre-orders start as of today at the Alfa Matrix Bandcamp page & post a review if you want – or order the physical CD at the offical Alfa Matrix store. But you can also wait until April 15th when “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” will hit every digital download & streaming platform (e.g. Spotiy, Apple Music), as well as physical CD stores (e.g. FNAC, MediaMarket, etc..).

Excellent 5-ST★R Reviews

Intravenous Magazine summed up the new album as “perhaps the most complete and sonically stunning album in the Psy’Aviah back catalogue to date. Once again Schelpe has pushed the boundaries of electronic music and continued to explore and experiment with different approaches and it has once again paid off for him. Simply, this album shows why Psy’Aviah is one of the stand-out names on the Alfa Matrix roster.”; whilst CHAIN D.L.K gave it a full 5 out 5 stars and concluded that “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars’ is a real contender for album of the year. Yves’ synthwork and production is stellar, and the album flows very well through its peaks and valleys. With such an array of talented vocalists and great writing, there is never a dull moment”. But please judge for yourself and pre-listen on bandcamp or on our soundcloud (also embedded on this page).

Aside from the new directions Psy’Aviah takes, there are of course there are still here some songs which defend the more “sorrowful” part of the album and reminds us of PSY’AVIAH’s darker side: like for example “Alcubierre Drive” featuring once again lush guest vocals by Kyoko Baertsoen (ex-HOOVERPHONIC, LUNASCAPE) and her unique timbre fitting so well this blend of trip-hop rhythms and EBM basslines; or yet the melancholic and moving “Looking Back” and the very expressive voice of David Chamberlin (ENTRZELLE).

But “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” definitely has this kind of interstellar shining touch, connecting dots together and offering a very unique kind of modern synth pop with an upbeat futuristic twist reinforced by another impressive selection of guest vocalists, with this time a clear progression towards more male vocals than on past releases. Take for example the alt-pop “Frozen” which is fusing energy and soul with stunning vocals by Andrew Galucki, or yet the more house / 80’s e-pop approach on the dancey “Liberosis” and its driving synth lines, club beats and awesome voice of Alvin River, the loud e-pop “Face To Face” with Roeland van der Velde (MODEL DEPOSE), or yet the addictive body-pop song “From Another World” with Bernard Feron (MED, COMBAT VOICE…).

Besides the more moody and almost “PSY’AVIAH classic” songs like “Lessons From The Past”, with one of Yves’ favorite partners in crimes for years now: the talented singer Mari Kattman, but also the minimal and semi-acoustic “Opia” with Pieter Van Vaerenbergh (METAFUZZ, ZELON) as well as the band’s last single and video clip song “Never Look Back” with Ellia Bisker (SWEET SOUBRETTE);

Yves Schelpe of Psy'Aviah
Yves Schelpe of Psy’Aviah

we find harder and straight industrial-dance compositions evoking the band’s early and more aggressive period like on the dreamy club hit “Peace Paradox”, the more chaotic and cyber distorted breakbeats of “Wild Ride” feat. the unmatched Miss FD, a club trance inspired pop track “Stronger” with vocals this time by Addie Nicole (HALOCENE), as well as on “Not What I Expected” that is a sort of frontal floor-packing track with incisive synth lines, hypnotic grooves à la PRAGA KHAN lead by strong female vocals with attitude by Fallon Nieves.


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