This Was 2015!

Music-Love-Headphones-2013-WallpaperI don’t care about new year celebrations, I don’t care for fireworks, drinking champagne, nor going partying tonight for what is in essence just and end of the year. That’s just my opinion ofcourse, I don’t judge those who like to go on a party streak, by all means, do, and enjoy yourself (no sarcasm here!).

I do however like to stand still and reflect on what has happened – as I feel (personally, for me) that’s the only thing worthwile doing in such a period. This is what you’ll find below…

I liked music…

Completely arbitrary list, don’t mind the order, these are the tracks or releases that I either discovered, rediscovered or had an impact on me this year…

  1. Conjure One ft. Hanna Ray – “Kill The Fear”, from the 2015 album “Holoscenic”.
    Really liked slow paced beat, dragging and thriving bassline. Yet, still with the typical drums and ethereal sounds and vocal approach of Conjure One. No single Conjure One album has disappointed me so far, this one is again one I will play a lot in 2016 and onwards!
  2. Florrie – “Little White Lies”, from the 2014 EP “Little White Lies”.
    Yes, she’s been around quite some time, but I discovered her late 2014 and early 2015, so for me it’s a brand new release ;)… I just like the mix of electropop and mix of styles. Apart from “Little White Lies” my most favourite track (though from 2012) is “Shot You Down” due to the very repetitive, but always building in tension, epic synth layered track.

  3. Tove Lo – “The Way That I Am”, from the 2015 album “Queen Of The Clouds”.
    I relate this quite a lot to the kind of music Florrie brings. Yet Tove Lo is bit more dirty in sound, yet still pop, yet still an alternative dark atmosphere with emotional and striking chords. The track “The Way Thet I Am” is far from “THE” representation of the album, but it’s one the tracks I did play most – there’s plenty more to discover though!
  4. Sting – “Russians”, from the 1985 album “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles”.
    Yes, not released in 2015 (as I said it’s my arbitrary list ;)), yet still very relevant for the state of the world today. As such, it would be such and ignorant thing to not include this track.
  5. Karin Park“Thousand Loaded Guns”, from the 2012 album “Highwire Poetry”.
    If you like 80s, synthpop, electropop… Be sure to check out this track, I discovered it by going through her catalogue this year after her 2015 release “Apocalypse Pop”. This is my favourite track, and another prime example of what I like to find in electronic pop music with a darker edge. Both vocals, lyrics, melodies and epic strings that are building up towards a climax. Top!
  6. Emika – “Battles”, from the 2015 album “DREI”.
    I’m following Emika since her first release, and for me it’s like Karin Park, one that’s still deserves a lot more attention, yet recently Emika is starting to get this, fortunately! The track “Battles” is typical, classical, Emika. My favourite track of her is still “After the Fall”, from the 2013 release “DVA”, due to the floating sounds and weird synths all around, especially in the chorus.

  7. Entrzelle – “Fraud”, taken from the 2015 album “Part of the Movement”.
    David Chamberlin, the man behind the project, has an amazing voice and brings a very fresh sound to the table with his male vocal based electro and synthpop. Partly due to mixing in elements into the music that are exotic to the genre, and twisting some rules. I was pleasantly surprised, and was happy to contribute a remix to the album as well.

  8. Arctic Sunrise – “200 Souls”, from their 2015 album “A Smarter Enemy”.
    I picked “200 Souls” here, but you should listen to the whole album to listen to the production, choice of sounds, the vocals, etc.. Really well produced and written synth/electropop. A totally new discovery for me this year, this band.
  9. B-Sights, a project from Dizkodude. He did a remix for a track of ours, “Words ft. J Airi”, and I really really digg his style and approach to remixing as well. Check out the remix below, it has been very well received and was very happy he could find the time to make this cool remix. Looking forward to more of the solo work B-Sights will put out!
  10. And so much much much more music from Purity Ring, Röyksopp, Robyn, Lovelorn Dolls, Guru Josh (RIP), Essence Of Mind, Junksista, Selah Sue, Vérité, Arctic Sunrise (really like the sound of their 2015 album “A Smarter Enemy”, and much more ofcourse…

I liked games…

Apart from music, I like playing games from time to time… The games that captured my attention this year? Find out below…

  1. Party Hard from Pinokl Games.
    The story? You’ve been woken at 3PM, the party will not allow you to get asleep, kill everyobody at the party and don’t get caught… It’s a quite addictive stealth game and it has a really cool 80s inspired soundtrack :)! The game still recieves a lot of updates via STEAM. As I said, it’s fun, but it’s not quite an easy game.. Patience, stealthy, being cunning enough and sometimes a bit of luck will give you the win, or the kill… 😉
  2. Project Cars from WMD & Slightly Mad Studios.
    A kind of sim racer, not true sim as iRacing or rFactor (2) and others. But it does give you a more edgy, difficult experience than an arcade racer, which it is far far from. It isn’t a perfect game either, but when it does hit the mark, you can have some epic experiences on the track as well as online. And whilst the studio itself has had a bit of a rough start, and avoiding or ignoring criticism from the users, they’re still releasing patches and content for the game that is indeed improving it along the way. Apart from the initial release, after patch 3, I did start having a lot of fun mastering the cars and driving endurance races, as well as GT3 sprint and touring (Clio & Megane) races. Enjoyable to get away from this world and focus on something completely else for a few hours!

2016, here we come

I can’t wait to start 2016 – not because of the partying, celebrations and such, but because in 2016 I will be releasing the new PSY’AVIAH album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars”. And the closer to that date, the happier I am. Really eager to share the work of late 2014 and most of 2015 with you. Stay tuned!

Yves Schelpe

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