#ThisWas2015: EP “Never Look Back / Words”, Videos and 18k listeners on #Spotify

Thanks a bunch to all of you out there who supported us by either streaming, buying or having played something of us this year. I’m happy & grateful to have landed on some of Spotify’s hot (#dance / #electro and #triphop) playlists that made us discoverable for a lot of new people that would’ve otherwise not found out about us.
18000 listeners on Spotify for Psy'Aviah in 2015

Anyway, there’s a lot more new music coming in 2016, our new album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” for example that is a follow up on the EP “Never Look Back / Words”, so stay tuned for more!

Grtzz & see you in 2016!
Yves Schelpe / Psy’Aviah