Songs inspired by my experience with a #Psychopath

The Psy’Aviah songs inspired by Psychopathy

Psychopathy, most people immediately think of epic characters like Dr. Hannibal Lecter, The Joker or other famous fictional characters with a serial killer stamp. Whilst those fictional characters might have traits of psychopathic behaviour, most real-life psychopaths aren’t your typical “mysterious and a little crazy” movie serial killer. Most of them live in society, your home, your workplace, your political leader, etc.. – and the gist of them they don’t kill physically, but crack people mentally. They’re not easy to spot, as they will do everything possible to keep their the mask, cover their tracks, hide in plain sight like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I’ve encountered such a destructive personality in my life and had to live with him, my father. But it was only after many years he was diagnosed as the “disease” or “condition” isn’t widely known and not easily recognised and often confused. Psychopaths are master manipulators, so they will make sure their victims have no story against them. People won’t believe what you say, as mr psychopath is such a loving man, intelligent and so charming. Always friendly… To the outside world, ofcourse. That’s the story behind the song “Tired” for example… – I really got tired explaining the situation, all the things you see and hear – it is very tiring to always have to defend yourself to the outside world when the psychopath covers his tracks with lies and manipulative behaviour. He will make sure his story is believed, not yours.

Just one Personal example

0516ea23a2c08f58030323a17a19bd163d172a-wmI will give you just one personal example of how their “Twisted Mind” can work. My father had a heart condition, hopsitalized he was treated with a bypass operation and had to follow a diet, quit smoking, quit drinking. One day he came to tell us the doctors told him he had less than a year to live and he would die from congestive heart failure – which was never disclosed to us as a family by the doctors. But ofcourse, you believe your father, not? You’re not going to question that ofcourse.. The doctors were also quite vague when talking to us as a family, words like “take care of yourself now”, “it’s time for you to live” – we didn’t really know what the doctor was alluding too, we’d find out later ofcourse.

Anyway, back home, mr psychopath started planning his funeral, and he organised a ceremony at our home, with the local pastor – everyone had do be dressed like ‘t was a funeral. A ceremony of more than an hour where texts would be read, music played, etc… Yes he was the dying one and he’d make sure everyone would know that. Yet, years passed, he never died, checkups with the doctor revealed his heart was ok, and later we found out he never had that congestive heart failure in the first place… But the years he persisted this he could take advantage of it and manipulate people with it. It may look like something trivial, and it’s hard to explain and recall every detail exactly, so my apologies if this looks like a weak example – I can assure you it isn’t.

And it’s just one example, it doesn’t stop there. I could go on and on and on… Lies, manipulation, deceiving, lack of emotion/empathy, being a big actor and charming to people outside, but always focusing attention to himself. He had it all.

They’re real and they’re around you

Many of the songs I’ve written in the past (see the spotify playlist embedded here) deal with the subject in some way or another. I wanted to share this because I recently heard about events that reminded me of my father, of a psychopath, again. They’re real, and they’re out there, you might not be the victim of them, or you might. However, not everyone is a psychopath ofcourse – it’s an estimated 1 in 100 people – and every psychopath is different, as it’s the combination of several traits that defines the behaviour. If you think you’re dealing with one, do your research and either run as far as you can or find allies for support.

A good documentary about the subject, focusing on the typical criminal ones, but also on the ones that are in the workplace and at ome, families and communities can be found here: