Found us on Bandcamp (or somewhere else), then review us!

Hey all,

When I look into our bandcamp pages I see all those lovely “supported by” icons appear, suddenly it danws to me that it’s those people. It gives you all a face and for a musician that means a lot. So feel free to write feedback (as I marked in red) on our bandcamp pages. Whether it’s something bad you have to say, or good, your opinion is worth to be read, and we love to know it!


And if you didn’t buy on bandcamp, or just listen to us on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, … , or bought the CD physically – you can always leave feedback via our Twitter (@psy_aviah) or Facebook account (

The following releases of us can be found on bandcamp, and if you’ve already bought them, feel free to leave feedback ofcourse!
– “The Xenogamous Endeavour (Album)”:
– “Future Past (Mini-Album)”:
– “Our Common Future (DJ/EP)”:
– “Introspection / Extrospection (Album)”: