Behind the song “Look Beyond”

In the “Behind The Song”-series we talk about the writing process, the ideas behind the lyrics, and much more… Today we tackle the track “Look Beyond”, taken from the 2013 EP “Future Past”.

Behind “Look Beyond”

“Look Beyond” explores the “Black and White” thinking present in much of todays society. Some of that thinking is, in my opinion at least, due to the fact we as humans try to defend (sometimes to the impossible, or into absurdity) our own views & believes. Examples are everywhere: politics, the anti-scientific movement (but even some scientist themselves fall into the trap), vendetta’s, taboos, homeopathy, and the list can go on and on and on… But I think you get the point: the black and white thinking is leading us nowehere, it’s important to sometimes look over the edge (hence “Look Beyond”), and discover what’s happening over there.. The truth is out there, but in my opinion it’s grey instead being black or white…

Lyrically the song enumerates a couple of “opposites”, if you can call it that way (blacks vs whites), e.g.: “There’s truth in lies”, or “Order in chaos”, or “Danger in a safe place”… Each of them represents the fact that if you’re in that situation, or moment, don’t be afraid to “Look Beyond”, be skeptical, open your mind towards other possibilities. Even if, after investigation, they lead to nothing at first, one has the knowledge & experience now.

Other lines are more personal, or less political if you will… “Good in jesus christ” is one important for me, one I need to remember myself to from time to time.. I’m atheist, I don’t believe in a god, multiple gods, or whatever.. But the values portrayed by certain religions are valuable, and why should I be blind for them.. Still, it’s not always easy to put aside prejudices (because we all have those) and have the courage to open ourselves to the good sides of certain things we’re opposed to at first.

So, that’s roughly the idea behind the track, you can read the full lyrics below and make your own interpretations ;).

For the techies…

In this track I used a lot of ethereal pads VS harsh electronic synths, this to get a contrast and make it a kind of hard hitting track while keeping some soft & mysterious pads working to enhance the “atmosphere”…

Most of the acid synthesiers you hear were created with NI FM8, as was the bassline. For those lush/mysterious pads I relied on a mixture of NI Massive and a long forgotten synth, and by some regarded as crap, the ReFX Vanguard. It did the job, it’s good at moving pads that need a certain amount of thickness, if layered with other synths/pads.

The difficulty of choosing these ambient pads and textures with a more electro-industrial/acid influenced track was: the mixing.. Honestly I feel I could’ve done better, but at the time I probably heard it x1000 times, and just couldn’t decide anylonger.. Hearing it back now, after the excellent mastering treatment at the IC 434 studio by Geert de Wilde, I feel quite happy how it turned out though!

Listen to the track


There’s truth in lies, order in chaos
A story behind those eyes
Danger in a safe place, lessons in mistakes
Beauty behind a face
Colors in black and white, loneliness in a crowded heart
Good in jesus christ
With love comes greed,
A difference in what we want, a difference in what we need

Look beyond your narrow mind,
Open eyes, see the light, realise the other side…

Poverty among the rich, demons democracy
Ideas through a glitch
Thunder in clear skies, tears of joy and grieves
Battles through compromise
Beauty in agony, controversial positives
With love comes greed,
A difference in what we want, a difference in what we need